3 mix the Red Cyclone hit makes you more attractive

2014 spring/summer runway, many designers were bright red, so red swept the fashion world inthe summer, both attended the ceremony and the everyday dress, it is not difficult to find manystars wearing red clothes, full of warm and vibrant colors and who can resist? Next, we will look athow Red at different occasions dressed more appropriately, after reading you’ll love Red!


Dior2014 spring/summer

Dior’s spring/summer show, like this year’s gardens beautiful, which this red jacket is eye-catching,shiny satin texture makes color seem extremely colorful.


Elie Saab2014 spring/summer

Elie Saab’s Red complete enough! From clothes to shoes bag glad shock had coursed through redreveals a charming style, delicate folds and skirts slit looks feminine, minimalist design is becomingless because red is simple!


Ce line2014 spring/summer

Ce line on a bright red dress with exaggerated strokes of inspiration from Illustrator Viramontes,perfect combination of design and art, already chiseled clothing because red and more daring play,makes an impression!


Ralph Luren2014 spring/summer

Ralph Lauren red suit, neatly cropped the maturity of capable, no excess color and decoration, full-bodied red alone is enough to stand out in the crowd.

Office OL mix


Red represents passion, wore a red dress at work, not only looks full and even to bring the full spectrum of the positive energy at work! But red color is very bright, if in Office wearing a red colorwill look too ostentatious, and dark tones clothing is required to coordinate. Emma Stone’s skilfulmix of red and black dress in this gave us a very good model, red, sleeveless shirts paired with slimblack pants, as Office wear in good taste!

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