Activate early summer amazing hair elegance

Wit braids always give people a sense of fresh and interesting, bright and beautiful spring andsummer, it is fitting that the hairstyle, bring you cool at the same time, in its discretion also canshow girls next door cute side. Therefore, the catwalk often use a variety of modified tresses tomatch seasonal fashions, always new angles to give hair the most amazing and favorite new show.Both big braids or pigtails or braids or pigtails, you might as well from the following 8 runwayinspired by braid, this summer you will get different kind of exciting.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen spiral braided hair requires a great deal of time, starting from one ear after acircle a circle curl your hair into braids, finally converging to a point at the top, while remaining a small amount of hair on either side, and create an elegant feeling, like gods of the elves, tooabstract, both futuristic and primitive sense.


Tory Burch

Tory Burch Fishbone braid hairstyles on the show is no longer the last old-fashioned stiffappearance, show vibrant youth side, the main reason is the hairdresser in fish bone braids wasjoined in full bloom, keep hair styles with a casual lazy attitude present in front of an audience. Hair stylist will be two fish bone braids in the unit over the front, and another draped over his back,showing the little girl next door cute and fresh. Whole haircut charming beauty, charming, lovely,elegant show, avatar became the city’s spirit.



Givenchy runway braided hair is full of whimsical, Hairstylist Luigi Murenu two braided together incomplex ways, you see how he did it. So otherworldly hairstyle does not appear on Earth, you willcertainly want to see trying to DIY this distinctive double braids?



Hides in the Temperley show hair braids. From the middle of the forehead back series a very finebraid, has reached the back of his neck close to the scalp back together with other hair, then into alarge side-braided hair. This hairstyle is very confusing from the front, it seems very simple, moreinteresting details hidden in the back. Prior blotted out of the model’s hair pomade Monacoincreases gloss, makes hair easier to style. While the front portion of the wave arc makes the wholedesign more charming style.



Women in Valentino’s like Johannes Vermeer’s paintings out of the same medieval church with athick style. Neat single braided hairstyles without too many decorations, casually draped over theside, with black ribbons hold neatly combed hair, styling is fresh and clean, show girl’s innocent.



Tibi show’s hair looks like a mini version of a Mohawk, fine, delicate braids extending back from themiddle. In order to hold the entire hair, finally ended when using spray tiny bits of hair.


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs clothing slightly more mature this season, in order to create a contrast to thecontrary, Hairstylist Guido Palau with a small pair of braided hair styles to improve the shape of theyoung, there is neither fish nor fowl, but more sour mix with sweet sensation. A bit like Japan Ninja,there is little sense of comic, there is a little Wednesday Addams Gothic note.


Holly Fulton

Holly Fulton’s runway hairstyles looked like just experienced a disaster, followed by messy, but inorder to create a charming sexy lazy temperament. Especially the bottom of short hair is added agirl’s playful style. Overall shape of messy, holiday style with a thick, beach vacation try the braided hair.


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