"Chaos" Ally McBeal from the runways of fluffy hair

What is the most suitable hairstyles for summer? Must be with a volume of "chaos", this type ofhairstyle tends to exude a casual lazy taste, with a heavy holiday customs. This was a big day,consider your hair to make the "chaos", from the following 10 catwalk fluffy "chaos" for inspiration,adding some ingenuity and creativity, cool during their vision, temperament to sexy to heat up.

Messy shaggy: Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani show, shaggy hair with a heavy on nostalgia, create curls piled on top 20 ‘s of lastcentury hand wave pattern, hairstyle, messy hair, revealed in retro and modern rock’s sense ofrebellion, with dark-green eye shadow, quite a bit of punk style in it.


Messy big hair: Dolce and Gabbana

From Italy’s Dolce and Gabbana, the catwalk hair with strong Sicilian customs, slicked hair, create afluffy effect, wearing a headband, matching decorative pair of earrings, very exotic. If you want to doin the summer an exotic Princess, may wish to try, absolutely clear innumerable.


Messy shaggy: Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique catwalk hair can say a pot of hodgepodge, waves and braids and ponytail featurebrings together in one place, creating a "chaotic" scene, but because of this, but "hair" stand outwith sexy, just like the saying goes, great women who dare to love and hate, unusuallystraightforward charm.


Messy shaggy: Erdem

From Erdem, creative, highly asymmetric distribution of overhead has been unusually prominentgrotesque beauty. The hair behind the ears and sense of clutter, added a lazy summer afternoonvibe, big sunglasses are perfect for summer vacation or shopping.


Messy shaggy: Rag and Bone

Hair show "dirty braid" Rag and Bone show is the feeling of the biggest bright spot, use a stylingmousse to your hair clean and bright feelings away, MUDs are then applied to the hair root, fingermarks across the hair, brings a dirty greasy feeling. From the hair to the tips of the hair in themiddle position, Plait fluffy fluffy powder to create a dirty, hair in a ponytail. Finally a portion of theroot of the hair tail stuffed into a ponytail bands, creating a sense of urban Nouveau chic hair looks.


Messy big hair: Rachel Zoe

From Rachel Zoe tousled hair inspiration braid, has deteriorated to the point of unspeakable, asense of the Scorpion’s tail is taken from behind look from top to bottom, large to small fingersbraided ponytail, casual and loose treatment of Bohemian colours.


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