Perfect Ponytails in Just 4 Steps


Skeekify Fine Hair

"I’m chasing after two little ones every day, so my ponytail always looks like this," said Carrie Wessel, 37, pointing to her casually pulled-back hair. "I wish I had the time to make it more polished." To which Nathaniel Hawkins, our on-set hair guru, replied, "You do! All you need is a little shine cream and 30 seconds of flat-ironing." Carrie followed his lead, and a minute later she was all smiles. "Okay, I can’t believe how easy that was," she said. "And, wow, what a difference a side part makes!"

Fine Hair: Step 1

Make a deep side part (it should line up above the arch of your eyebrow) that extends back to your crown.


Fine Hair: Step 2

Brush your hair into a really low ponytail–right at the nape of your neck; fasten with a clear elastic.


Fine Hair: Step 3

Working in one-inch-wide sections, flat-iron the tail from base to ends.


Fine Hair: Step 4

Rub a drop of shine cream between your hands, then smooth one hand down each side of your part.


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