The most fashionable of the husband and wife team in 2012

Dressing with doors profound knowledge, the people discerning tastes is tricky for over a day, every day with no error becomes harder, red carpet style single people are difficult to grasp, let alone two people at the same time arewant high scores.Fortunately, some of the husband and wife team, once again control the live fashion the essence of this year, the celebrity couple Michelle Obama and Barak Obama, Brad and Angelina, gold card wearingAlexandra and Kanye • Sylvester.

1.Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
Brad and Angelina are Hollywood celebrities. Compared to Brad docile suit and chic beard and Julie slightly at the lips and sexy body looks without eclipsed, no wonder these two always looks good.


2.Eva Mendes and Ryan Gauss forest
There is no doubt that the “sexiest man alive” date style queen Eva Mendes (Eva Mendes).Two people strolling leisurely, killer of sunglasses and good shoes look very well matched.


3. Kardashian and Kanye • Sylvester
As a very close couple, gold and Kanye are constantly in the public lens. This is a well-known fact that gold is very appreciated her lover’s fashion style (she often found his designs at the mall). It is said, have their own style of lady myself, do not know how far they can go.


4.Michelle Williams and Jason • Seagal
Michelle Williams and Jason Seagal must be the most adorable couple ever (at least in my opinion). Michelle finally women back, the Isabel Marant feeling, and Jason is still a simple pair of jeans and a button. This couple is together homer of the fashion department. Perfection.


5.The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine and Prince William

We have watched Kate Middleton dress for a long time. She created the ” Duchess ” effect (i.e., all her clothes immediately become all women dream of ), but we don’t forget the prince luminous body essence. Although the Duchess will often make a hit, her husband always uses simple suit or shirt to give people a good impression.


6.Jessica Bell and Justin Timblerlake

Our most loving couple seems in cold weather still let the dress also retains its own style. Two people like oversized sunglasses, jeans and a comfortable coat — but they can make it look very fashionable.


7.Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

As you know that Miranda Kerr is what many of us have secret love of a girl type. She once again at the forefront of fashion, even as her husband. We have a kind of feeling, their son Flynn will lead a trend.

fts200 Smith and Wil Smith

If you look at Smith crazy cool style, you will know her style from the fashionable parents. Jia Da and will always impeccably dressed, but they always fashion show on their toes.


9.Alan Degeneres and Portia de Rossi

Alan and Portia in the red carpet is always interesting. This couple in our list, because they not only look good, but they wear always looks very comfortable it is other celebrities should note.


10.Beyonce and Jay – Z

She is the queen of everything. He is the God of music industry. This is enough.


11.Michel and Obama

The White House has never looked so good! Obama is the president of the United States is handsome in his fit suit Mrs Obama relaxed style ( custom dress, patterned coat and heels ) is the political arena of fresh air.


12.Diane Krueger and Joshua Jackson

We all know, Diane Krueger fashion is the beacon, but her boyfriend has been stepped up his pace to catch up with. The two street style leader.


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